Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Artist Statement

Well been along time since i have been on here started this the first year of art school and now have graduated and finished but thought i would use this to get my art out there ill start with my artist statement i had for my art school graduate exhibtion

My intended themes and areas of conceptual focus are about the struggles we have with our bodies. I am inspired by the body, skin, shape and emotions. my work is about the female shape and how we should be happy with our imperfections. As your body changes, so does your image of yourself. Lots of pepole have trouble adjusting to this, and this can affect their self-esteem. But for some reason we as people struggle with our bodies. We are obsessed with images of beauty and our bodies with the fear of getting old. My concerns in my garments and photography are the pressure to fill the mold of the perfect women and the struggle we have with out bodies and the feeling of being trapped in our own bodies.

I will some photos of my exhibition up soon